Company Overview
As a family-funded private equity firm, GCI is committed to fostering sustainable, mutually rewarding partnerships with passionate people who lead innovative companies. We are dedicated to providing patient capital, vital central-office resources, and ongoing strategic business expertise. With this support system, we relieve our companies from near-term pressures and give them the tools to focus on long-term substantive outcomes that impact all stakeholders, including management, their employees, and the community.

Our Heritage
GCI was formed in 1986 by the late Gary Comer, founder of the renowned Lands’ End Inc. Mr. Comer was the epitome of the American dream – a driven and innovative man who established his own business and until his passing in 2006, encouraged and empowered others to do the same. In fact the Lands’ End website showcases his passion in his own words, “Because I was able to do it [create a company], I know that it can still be done in America today, and I encourage all of you who have the burning desire to start your own business, to try it. Start with an idea, and a niche, and I wish you the ‘little bit of luck’ you’ll need.”

Mr. Comer not only embodied this entrepreneurial passion, but also he founded Gary Comer Inc., now known as GCI to help provide that “little bit of luck” needed for burgeoning enterprises. Today, the company continues to grow and thrive through the leadership of Bill Schleicher and Gary’s two children, Guy and Stephanie Comer. Our goal is to keep the fun and exciting entrepreneurial spirit of Lands’ End alive. In doing so, our focus is to create as many jobs in a quality atmosphere as possible, while securing companies’ growth potential and positioning them to thrive.
Company Summary
Gary Comer, Inc.
Number of Employees
(262) 798-5080
20875 Crossroads Circle
Waukesha, WI