Company Overview
Our Vision:

To strengthen Christian ministries and development initiatives of local individuals, churches and organizations in Africa. We will work through the strong relationships of those who have a track record of effectiveness, while protecting their cultural legacy and coming along side our Christian brothers.

Our Mission:

To supply funds and other resources to accomplish the vision and be the catalyst in spreading the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the peoples of Africa. We also will help train, consult and develop resources for accountable and sustainable activities.

We will also focus on developing the ability to fulfill the mission through a blend of sound management, strong governance, and a persistent re-dedication to achieving results, while considering the cultural differences between our countries. We will rely on The Holy Spirit to guide our decisions and efforts.


When Pastor Michel Ouedraogo graduated from seminary some 25 years ago he carried a burden for his people and the transformation of his nation (Burkina Faso). Traveling village to village on a bicycle, then a mo-ped, he presented the message of Jesus Christ through a film-strip projector which he carried strapped to the back of the bicycle. In the beginning, the elders in the village of Banken asked him to leave, but he persisted in returning to bring hope to the village.

Pastor Michel, with his wife Lydia were saddened by the many children in the village who had no opportunity to know Christ or to improve their lives, so they asked the elders if they could take one child and educate her. The elders agreed and gave them one little girl. When the Ouedraogos received her, she was dirty and sickly with a runny nose and a bloated stomach from malnutrition.

The elders in Banken were soon able to see a big change in the little girl the Michel and Lydia called Sarah. She was cared for and loved like all of the other kids in the Ouedraogo family. She was clean. Her health improved. She showed that she was smart and an eager learner in school. Today, Sarah has completed medical training, and gives leadership to one of the medical clinics started by Pastor Michel. She is married, and has beautiful children.

Sarah’s transformation was so amazing that the Banken elders asked if Michel and Lydia could take more children. The idea was daunting, but the Ouedraogos believed they take more children…and the Village of Hope was born.

Today over 400 children from 15 villages are housed, fed, and educated at the Village of Hope, returning home during holidays. The school day begins early with Chapel every morning at 5:00 am. Morning chores are a part of the routine, too. The kids are learning so well that they consistently place in the top three on the national exams. Some have progressed through to middle school, so Pastor Michel has added facilities for that. Within a few years there will be need for vocational training for some, and university for others.

Another remarkable part of the story is that when the children have returned home for holidays, they have wanted a place to go to church on Sundays. Parents and elders in several of the villages have seen much change in the kids, so they have asked Pastor Michel to send a pastor to their village to start a church. The villages are now being transformed by the kids.
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