Company Overview
Ayres Associates was coming up with pragmatic ways to save resources – and clients’ money – long before green became fashionable. Here are some of the ways we are being good stewards of resources on behalf of our clients:

Architecture: Under the leadership of a LEED-accredited manager, our architects design natural lighting, green roofs, rain gardens, heat reclamation, and other efficient features into clients’ buildings and sites.

General Civil Engineering: Drainage for parking lots and other pavement is carefully designed to strictly control runoff volume, improve sediment removal, and maximize on-site recharge into the groundwater. Landscape architecture adds plantings to streets and developments while minimizing the need for irrigation. Our experts help communities to plan development to minimize sprawl, infrastructure extensions, and commutes. Our civil engineers also benefit from the leadership of a LEED-accredited manager.

Transportation: Modern roundabouts and other traffic features are designed to keep motorists moving, thereby reducing fuel use and emissions. Roadway construction projects are carefully staged to keep traffic flowing and minimize emissions. And asphalt, concrete, and base course are recycled to reduce the amount of material that needs to be trucked to construction sites. One such method is rubblization, in which a machine fractures worn-out concrete in place for use as base course for asphalt pavement, saving all the hauling involved in remove-and-replace methods of reconstruction. Rubblization also shortens construction time and allows for lane closures instead of gas-wasting detours.

Environmental: Ayres Associates has helped communities win millions of dollars in brownfield grants and has designed transformative redevelopment projects that reclaim sullied sites and breathe new life into city centers.

Water Resources: Our staff restores urbanized streams to their natural state, and our wetlands specialists create wetland mitigation sites to provide wildlife habitat and water filtration benefits.

Wind Energy: Staff across multiple disciplines have provided mapping, survey, site design, roadway design, and bridge inspection services in support of the development of wind farms.
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