Company Overview

Mitch Murch Maintenance Management is now 4M Building Solutions.

Our new name and branding is an evolution of our look to match our substance. It’s a true reflection of what we’ve been over the past 36 years and what we will continue to be – a progressive, innovative building solutions company that is an integral part of our customers’ success.

Mitch Murch was in an office one day in 1953 listening to a gentleman complaining about his cleaning, which gave Mitch an idea. Mitch was a twenty-five year old brush salesman and his customer could not find a satisfactory cleaning service. Mitch asked some questions about the customer’s needs, expectations and how the then current supplier was not meeting the expectations. That’s when Mitch Murch went into the cleaning business.

In 1953 there were six cleaning companies serving the St. Louis area. Today there are more than 250. An average of two new cleaning companies open every week in the area, demonstrating the fact that the janitorial services industry has an extremely high mortality rate. However, Mitch Murch has been a revolutionary force for over fifty years.

Mitch built his first company, Modern Maintenance, on the foundations of fairness, quality service and satisfied customers. Along the way, Mitch became instrumental in founding and growing the National Association of Building Service Contractors, now known as the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). Mitch served as the association’s fifth president, and has sat on each one of its committees and chaired most of them. He has served two terms as President of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors as well.

Mitch sold Modern Maintenance in 1970 and remained on board to run the operation until 1975. For three years after that Mitch pursued other endeavors, including developing an ice rink and restaurant in Columbia, Missouri. Mitch Murch’s Maintenance Management Company (MMMM) was born, by starting three class A office buildings, totaling one million square feet, on October 1, 1978. We are very proud that we still clean those buildings today.

With MMMM, Mitch never sought to be the biggest, but to be the best. Along the way, our customers and our innovation and commitment to our foundational principles have made us the leader in each market that we serve. Today, MMMM is led by Mitch’s oldest son, Tim, as President and CEO, and an excellent management team.

Company Summary
4M Building Solutions
Number of Employees
500 or more
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St. Louis, MO