Annual Career Fair

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Friday, Oct. 11, 2013
9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
MSOE Kern Center
1245 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

All students are invited to attend the Career Fair, not just graduating seniors. Many employers are looking for juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen to fill internship positions. If you are not searching for a job or internship, you are still invited to gain Career Fair experience and to network with employers and alumni.

Tips for a Successful Career Fair Experience

Preparing for the Career Fair:
  • Employers expect you to be professional, able to initiate conversation, and able to communicate your goals, interests, and strengths.
  • Prepare a one minute commercial about yourself that includes your academic successes, activities, work experience, skills, and career goals. This is essentially what you would say when asked to "Tell me about yourself."
During the Career Fair:
  • Dress professionally! (Treat it as an interview). Be positive, confident and friendly.
  • Show interest in the company by asking a question or two.
  • Present a concise, error free, resume with a focused objective and qualifications.
After the Career Fair:
  • Send a thank you letter within 48 hours to company representatives with whom you feel you have made a positive connection.
  • Continue to follow-up with the representatives periodically in order to maintain that positive connection.
Contact the Career Services Department with questions or for further assistance in making the Career Fair work for you.

For more information, contact: