College Graduate? Tap into your Alumni Career Services for Free Job-Search Tools!
(Career Transition Action Plan Part III) Are you a college student who needs a job? Are you a recent graduate who needs a job? Are you an alumnus from way back, who needs a job or is in career transition? Would you like to re-energize your job search and tap into low cost or free resources? If so, read on... This article is the 3rd in a series for career changers, people in career transition and job seekers. Here are the URL live links for the first two blog posts. a. Career Transition Action Plan Part I b. Career Transition Action Plan Part II Now that you have reviewed Part I and Part II, you are ready for Part III! If you are a current college student, chances are that you are eligible for a whole host of career services. Your student fees and technology fees have already paid for these services, why not make use of them. Contact your Career Services department and ask to speak to a Career Counselor. Check out the Career Events Calendar, College Job Board, On Campus Recruiting and Mock Interviews. Join student groups, live networking events and join online LinkedIn and Social Media networks for your school. Don’t miss out! If you are a college graduate, or long-term alumnus you can tap into your University Alumni Services. If you are out of state or out of the county, you can still get access to great, online or virtual career resources. The array of services is more limited for alumnus, than for current students, who pay technology and service fees each semester. You will need to register with your University Alumni Department and pay your annual alumnus membership fees ($35 to $100 a year). For some high cost or specialty events or catered events, there may be a small additional charge. At GSU, our alumni services offer a wide variety of monthly mixers, online networking, LinkedIn groups, employer and leisure events. Recently, one of my graduates networked successfully during an Alumni softball tournament and scored an interview! You never know who you will meet who can help you, or where you will meet them. Be open to all possibilities. (See bottom of post for URL links to GSU services) (Career Transition Action Plan Part III) I) Find Hiring companies (for Alumnus) A) Tap into Alumni services, events, meet up groups, training, online networking groups. Become actively involved in your alumni community. Remember, someone who you meet for the first time, is unlikely to just open up their Rolodex and give you the contact numbers for their close associates. This takes time and trust. Be helpful towards other alumni. B) Tap into your Alumni access for the University Job Board. Employers on your College job board are specificially looking for graduates from your school! This greatly increases your chances. C) Identify off-campus employers. Create a Leads list of at least 25 companies. i) Identify community job fairs and/or on campus job fairs ii) Build and activate your career network. iii) Utilize employer research materials (library/online). You may need to buy an annual Alumni Library Card. Typically Universities, spend much, more money on business and employer databases and research services than a local, community branch library. iv) Contact employers from your leads list. Don’t forget to continue prospecting & following up on referral leads. II) Find Hiring companies (for current students) A) Identify any on-campus employers who already recruit at your school. i) Identify on campus job fairs, on campus recruiting & interviews ii) Build & activate your career network iii) Utilize employer research materials (library/online) iv) Prospect & following up on referral leads I encourage current college students, recent graduates and long term alumni to reconnect with their schools. Contact your Alma Matter today! My blog posts about Career Transition Planning and Career ManagementCareer Transition Confusion? 7 Types of Psychological MotivationCareer Transition And 4 Stage Career Planning: Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew?Career Direction: Discarded And Cast Adrift In A Challenging Economy Georgia State University Student and Alumni Resources: • GSU Alumni Membership Office. $35 annual dues online at: • GSU Alumni Services to inquire about: PCN (for alumni), Alumni Listserv, GSU Circle on Facebook, and several GSU Alumni Groups on LinkedIn • Current GSU Students can join a live, networking group called Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT). This group bridges the gap between students and alumni, provides professional and social development opportunities with alumni and promotes campus spirit and pride. Contact the Alumni Association for the applications deadlines for each academic year.