8 Resume Do Nots
Please do not do any of the following on your resume:

1. Do not add an objective. Add a branding statement that identifies the type of professional that you are. Indicate your subject matter expertise. Hiring officials are looking for problem solvers and goal attainees. Demonstrate what you do well in a branding statement. For example:

Interior Designer

High School Science Teacher

General Manager

Senior Management Executive

2. Do not list job duties on your resume. Power descriptors are needed that detail your accomplishments as an individual and accomplishments within your team. To get the hiring managers attention it is pertinent that your resume answers the question, "How have you made a difference in your current and previous jobs, volunteer and relevant extracurricular activities. What makes you unique? For example:

Taught adult education classes on home-based businesses, increasing profit by $49% annually

Negotiated with an extensive global network including 26 factories and 15 suppliers to exploit emerging trends in high-end market place; resulting in three new retailers and securing repeat business for eight companies

3. Do not add your address. Instead add your city, state, zip code and hyperlinks of email, website and LinkedIn address.

4. Do not add work experience more than 10 years (unless it is a CV or Federal Resume). Understand that your resume is a tool to generate interviews, dialogue and most importantly networking connections. When providing the history of your career and job descriptors, carefully assess your skills and demonstrate the value that you have helped your company to achieve ie % of success, # of customers, creative and strategic policies recommended. Be certain that every notation on your resume is a valuable statement or phrase that answers the "So What?" question. If this cannot be done within a ten year job outlook, there is bigger problem here. Attend classes at your local one stop center or the Goodwill Career Solutions Center or job clubs to learn how to represent your skills in a clear, concise and succinct manner.

5. Do not add the phrase “References available upon request”. This is a useless waste of space. Certainly, we all know if asked, you will provide. Utilize this time by adding testimonials from co-workers, team leaders or supervisors or relevant brand quotes that demonstrate your personal professional mantra.

6. Do not include a picture unless you are an actor, actress or presenting a bio or speaking/training resume.

7. Do not list height, weight, or citizen status unless asked specifically for these items for government job applicants or federal resumes.

8. Do not state your sexual preference or whether you are married or have kids on your resume.

Listing skills, technical competencies, association memberships, trainings and education never go out of style and should be included to help the hiring manager know that you are a relevant member of the workforce and can add value to their company. There are special emphasis that special populations should be sure to include on their resumes, such as linked in profiles, twitter accounts and professional Facebook accounts in a hyperlink.. Be sure that your resume keeps you among the relevant workers who make a difference.