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by Local JobNetwork™ - Jul, 2012
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Azure Mahara is the host of "Community Concepts." Azure graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a degree in public relations and a minor in art with an emphasis in photography. As an Associate Marketing Manager at, Azure maintains relationships with organizations throughout the country to provide an exclusive outreach service that connects employers with job seekers. Some of these organizations have been guests on her radio show. Azure notes her first job as cutting wheat for a basket weaver at the age of 11. Anchor Man is a favorite employment related movie of Azure's. "It shows how ridiculous the treatment of women used to be, but in a humorous manner."

Carly Rubach is the host of "Technically Speaking." A graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BA in journalism, Carly is a Communications Associate at Carly looks for any opportunity to utilize her creativity when writing copy for ads and marketing materials. She fondly remembers her first job teaching tennis lessons to a few neighborhood kids. At that time, she played by the motto "Rubachs never double fault." Since then, her motto has been slightly modified to "Rubachs often double fault but who are you to judge." Carly's favorite employment related movie is Almost Famous. "After I saw this movie I knew that I wanted to go into journalism and when possible, travel on a tour bus with rock stars."

George Blomgren is the co-host of "Zen & The Art Of Recruiting." George earned a Bachelor's degree from Beloit College, studied at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and pursued graduate studies in business and marketing at Cardinal Stritch University. As Recruiting Solutions Director at MRA-The Management Association, George helps MRA members optimize their recruiting practices to effectively attract top talent. His first job at age 11 involved a summer spent reorganizing the stock room of a small local office supply store. His career since then has taken a lot of turns, a fact he never regrets. George recommends books by Seth Godin to both job seekers and recruiters. Be a purple cow!

Jacquelyn Peterson is the host of "Interview Interrupted." A graduate from the University of Arizona where she earned a BA in journalism, Jacquelyn is an Assistant Director at and is responsible for leading various projects while leveraging her background as a team member and leader. Jacquelyn's first job began at 11-years-old where she sold boxed candy door-to-door each weekend. Since then, she only eats candy and no longer sells it. Jacquelyn's favorite employment related TV show is the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. As Phil Harris said, "Now my advice to anyone that wants to do stay in school. Learn to be something, cause this will kill [you]. This isn't for everybody, you [have to] be a little bit twisted to do this job." "I love this show because the job is the most dangerous in the world, yet those guys have love and passion for it!"

Lynn Molitor is the host of "Points of Interest in the World of Employment." A graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where she obtained a BBA – MIS degree, Lynn is a Vice President at and is responsible for leading various project efforts while leveraging her years of experience as both a team member and a manager. Lynn's employment history dates back to when she was 15 and worked as a kitchen helper in a nursing home for nuns. She hasn't been seen in a kitchen since, but she can quickly peel a bucket of oranges if the need should arise. Lynn's favorite employment related TV show is the AMC drama Mad Men. "Where are the cubicle walls? And women largely in support roles? So glad we have come a long way since then!"

Stephanie R. Thomas, Ph.D., is the host of "The Proactive Employer" and the Founder and CEO of Thomas Econometrics. Regarded as one of the leading experts on the analysis of equal employment opportunity issues, Dr. Thomas is a noted authority on compensation gender equity, the quantitative analysis of discrimination, and the mathematical examination of employment practices in the workplace. Dr. Thomas provides consulting and expert witness services to Fortune 500 companies, privately held businesses, major law firms, and government agencies such as the Department of Justice and the FBI. She has testified as an economic and statistical expert in mediation, arbitration, and in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

Tim Muma is the host of many shows! Tim graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he earned a BA in journalism and mass communication with an emphasis on broadcasting. Tim has the fancy title of "Radio Program Coordinator" that allows him to have his hands on a variety of projects with the Local JobNetwork™, particularly influencing the enhancement of Radio. You will also have the opportunity to hear his sultry tones on a number of shows from now until eternity. Tim used to embarrass himself with cheap physical stunts on the TV show Preps Plus where most viewers agreed his look was a better fit for radio. His favorite employment related movie is Horrible Bosses, because "it helps you put into perspective how great my coworkers and bosses truly are…and Jason Bateman and Charlie Day are terrific comedic actors."

Todd Nilson is the co-host of "Zen & The Art Of Recruiting." Todd specializes in social media strategy focused on employer branding, the hiring process, and candidate experience. He began his career in 1996 as an IT recruiter and spent time as a lead game designer for an online game company. Currently, Todd manages Social Syntax, a digital strategy consultancy that helps businesses strengthen their sales, brand awareness, and employee and customer retention and satisfaction through social media channels. He is also the founder of GoIndigo, LLC, a Milwaukee-based creative career events management company responsible for volunteer-driven events like Milwaukee JobCamp, Resume Slam, and Interview Improv.