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  Do Cover Letters Matter? Make Yours Stand Out and See!
by Kris Plantrich - Dec, 2009
There seems to still be an on going battle over the cover letter relevance. The majority of resume writers I have talked with still believe the cover letter can hold a few unique nuggets of value that you can use to persuade hiring managers and decision makers to take a second or first look at your resume. Most recruiters I have talked with feel the cover letter is not important to the decision making process – however recrui...
  Define Goals to Keep YOU in Control of Your Job Search
by Kris Plantrich - Nov, 2009
Watching the Ohio State University vs. University of Michigan football game over the weekend, a comment from one of the commentators stuck with me. It was during the 3rd quarter and Ohio State was really creating some space between them and Michigan and Michigan had begun to make a lot of mistakes. The commentator said, “Mistakes happen to all football players but it’s how you respond that makes the difference” – well said. It...
  Positioning: Critical For an Effective Career Shift
by Kris Plantrich - Nov, 2009
Positioning is not only critical in a successful job search it is also essential in the ability to shift your career to the next level. Questions for candidates contemplating or already consumed in a job search should include, how do I get noticed by recruiters, by hiring managers, by the HR department, and by decision makers? The first and most important aspect to consider is how well you have positioned yourself for your new...
  Five Interview Secrets You Need To Know
by Kris Plantrich - Nov, 2009
It isn’t enough just to go after getting an interview. If you want a job offer you have to prepare for and research each company you are offered an interview with. You have obviously done some work while having your resume developed or writing it yourself. The research and preparation is a great start for your interview but it won’t put you ahead of the masses. Below are 5 secrets you need to know if you want to really catch t...
  Do You Dare to Face Your Job Search Unprepared?
by Kris Plantrich - Nov, 2009
With this weekend’s time change, Halloween and the end of another month, it dawned on me that I have less than two months to prepare for Christmas. This time of the year always reminds me of when I was having my kids (all born around the New Year). Every time I was pregnant, I knew I needed to get my shopping done early. I also knew I would probably need a little more time, just in case labor came early or I simply wasn’t feel...
  Helping Job Seekers Find Their Way
by Kris Plantrich - Oct, 2009
For me, the favorite part of my job is helping my clients. I think I get more excited by being able to restore confidence and helping clients to regain a solid footing in their job search, than I do delivering an outstanding resume (although that’s not bad either). When I am able to answer questions, coach, suggest options, educate on a job search process, and give these people, many who have never been in this position before...
  Interview Advice: What’s in Your Resume?
by Kris Plantrich - Oct, 2009
It sounds almost too simple to be true, but not knowing the content of your resume, and getting caught up by it during an interview are fairly common occurrences. Whether you have written your resume yourself or had it written by a professional resume writer, you must be well aware of what is on your resume. If you’ve made it past the initial gatekeepers and have received an invitation for an interview, take some time to revie...
  Can Your Smile Land You a Job?
by Kris Plantrich - Sep, 2009
Question: Can a smile really land you a job? Answer: A smile is so incredibly powerful. It is proven to release chemicals that relax, it takes fewer muscles to make then a frown, and it can make or break a meeting. Smiles are written about, sung about, drawn, worn as bumper stickers and t-shirts and are used in many quotes from the famous and not so famous including Phyllis Diller who said, “The curve of a smile sets eve...
  Job Seekers: Still Wondering How To Get Noticed?
by Kris Plantrich - Sep, 2009
Question – Does social marketing help job seekers get noticed? Answer – Absolutely! Social marketing is moving so fast that it is often tough to keep up with. New sites, blogs, videos and social networks are being introduced daily. “What to use”, “how much to use”, and “is it worth it since my job search will hopefully be short term”, are questions I am often asked. Social marketing helps brand you as an expert in your f...
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