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CPM Healthgrades
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8310 Excelsior Dr
Madison,  WI
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(608) 831-7880
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Company Overview

CPM Healthgrades, a division of Healthgrades, located in Madison, WI, provides hospitals with the business intelligence and communication platform required to reach, educate and motivate a change in behavior among patients and physicians. We do this by harnessing the power of an organization’s data and using it to inform the creation of effective communication programs; and by rigorously measuring the change in behavior before and after the program to determine the ROI of every program – whether the goal is contribution margin, cost savings, or other growth metrics.

At CPM Healthgrades, we believe that marketing is both an art form and a science. That’s why we offer an evidence-based scientific framework to enhance your healthcare marketing efforts, including decision support, behavioral prediction and campaign management. With over 20-years of experience providing innovative data management solutions, CPM Healthgrades is a natural choice to build and support your technology platforms.